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This area of the site collects and indexes information of interest to the diaconate community and resources for deacons. If you know have any information or resources that you think should be added, please submit to Deacon Charlie Cornell.


The Deacon at Mass
Instruction for the Deacon at Mass from the newly promulgated GIRM - from the USCCB web site.
What is a Permanent Deacon
A brief description of the Order of Permanent Diaconate and the canonical requirements for becoming a deacon.
Admissions and Formation in the Archdiocese of Boston
These two articles give an overview of the admissions process and the formation program in the Archdiocese of Boston.
Decree from Cardinal Seán regarding the Deacon Ministerial Policy for Parish Collaboratives.
As the Decree states, “Deacons will play a vital role in Disciples in Mission as part of the Pastoral Service Teams,” and assist in the ongoing process of strengthening Parishes as intentional centers of evangelization.
Deacon Council
Formal statement of the purpose, mechanics of the Deacon Council;
Joe Whipple's story on the Council from the January 2003 issue of Diaconia.
Instructions for Liturgy of the Hours
This is an excellent resource for learning or teaching how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.
Letters of Good Standing
From time to time, Deacons of the Archdiocese of Boston may be requested to assist and/or preach at weddings, baptisms, funerals and other liturgical events outside the Archdiocese of Boston. In those cases it is required by the bishop of the diocese in which the deacon hopes to minister that a "Letter of Good Standing” be provided to him or his delegate (Vicar for Clergy, Vicar General, or Director of the Permanent Diaconate) certifying that the deacon is indeed in good standing within his own (Arch)diocese. In light of the times, certain dioceses require also a "Statement of Suitability for Ministry" which is a certification that the deacon is of good character and reputation and qualified to perform his Diaconal duties in an effective and suitable manner, and that he :
1. has never been suspended or otherwise canonically disciplined;
2. has no criminal record, nor had criminal charges brought against him;
3. has manifested no behavioral problems in the past that would indicate he might deal with minors in an inappropriate manner; .
4. has never been involved in an incident which called into question his fitness or suitability to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of his Diaconal ministry due to alcohol, substance abuse or other causes;
5. has no other particular mental or physical attribute, condition, and/or other past situation which would adversely affect his performance of Diaconal ministry.
A request to provide either or both a "Letter of Good Standing" and "Statement of Suitability" should be submitted to my office by letter or e-mail and contain the following pertinent information.
1. The day, date and time of the event
2. The names of the parties involved (bride and groom for weddings, parents and child for baptisms, etc.)
3. The complete name and address of the church or institution where the event will take place.
4. The name and address of the pastor of the parish

Deacons seeking a certification of Good Standing or a Statement of Suitability for Ministry  for any ministry outside the Archdiocese of Boston may now go directly to: 

National Directory for the Formation, Ministry and Life of permanent Deacons in the United States
http// (This is the US implementation of the Vatican Directory listed below.
Congregation for Catholic Education/Congregation for the Clergy
These are local copies for convenience of these important documents. For any serious use, please refer to the official versions on the Vatican web site.
Joint Declaration and Introductions
Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons
Directory for the Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons

Bill Ditewig's Power Point presentation from the May 7, 2005 convocation is available here
(13M ppt file.)


Satellite Theological Education Program

Since 1999, the Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP) at the University of Notre Dame STEP has served to connect pastoral ministers, religious educators, and other Catholic adults to quality theological education from Notre Dame through distance learning technologies. A valuable resourse for deacons and deacon candidates.

Exsultet - See this resource for singing the Exsultet at the Vigil

Blogs, etc.

Deacon's Bench
Deacon Greg Kandra is a Roman Catholic deacon serving the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York.

Whispers in the Loggia
Rocco Palmo One of global Catholicism's most prominent chroniclers, Rocco Palmo has held court as the "Church Whisperer" since 2004, when the pages you're reading were launched with an audience of three, grown since by nothing but word of mouth, and kept alive throughout thanks solely to reader support.

A Concord Pastor Comments
Austin Fleming Priest of the Archdiocese of Boston, ordained 1973, pastor in Concord since 1994

Why I Am Catholic
An on-line gathering of Catholics, converts, and those in discernment, addressing the most interesting question in the world. Started by Webster Bull, a recent convert from St. Mary Star of the Sea, Beverly MA in response to a friend asking him why he had become a Catholic.

Deacon Digest Magazine

Deacon Digest magazine is published six times a year, in January, March, May, July, September and November. It is the only magazine that is published for permanent deacons and their families.
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