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Inquiry and
Admissions Process

If you are discerning God’s possible call to serve the Church as a minister of Charity, Word, and Sacrament as an ordained deacon in the Archdiocese of Boston, you ( and your wife if you are married) are invited to take part in the upcoming Inquirer program. The program consists four sessions:

Session I: Who is the Deacon and am I one who is called?
(Session I will be held numerous times throughout the Archdiocese usually in the fall.

See the News page for the latest schedule for inquiry sessions

Session II: How does diaconate ministry fit into marriage and family life?

Session III: Application process, Canon Law, Formation from the wives perspective

Session IV: Half-day discernment retreat Saturday

Those who are interested in the Diaconate are strongly encouraged to attend all four events along with their wives. Please email Deacon Christopher Connelly at to sign up or to receive more information. The next group to be admitted into formation will begin classes in September 2022. Our Church is global and multicultural and so we actively seek men for the diaconate from our many cultural communities in the Archdiocese. Academic classes are offered in English, however he are committed to offering support for those for whom English is not the primary language. The Aspirancy Class beginning in the fall 2022 will have some classes available in Spanish.

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